Project Description

Project Details

This project is a mixed-use development consisting of (37) floors of 2BHK, 3BK & 4BHK apartments, in addition to five basements & three podium levels for car parking & other services. Ample Retail space is provided on the ground floor and mezzanine levels to enhance the building’s character. The building also offers swimming pool, along with gymnasium facilities on the roof-top level.

  • Residential + Commercial
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • 131,000 sqm
  • Tender Stage
  • BIM Consultancy & Management / Project Management on behalf of the Client

Project Highlights

Comprehensive Design Management

Unisearch has created, at the early stage, a BIM-enabled strategy to effectively manage and control the delivery of the project. Authority approvals, Client interactions & consultant reviews among other important aspects formed the backbone of the Unisearch’s effective design management of the project. Proper implementation of BIM & the associated processes by Unisearch made the job of managing the stakeholders simpler and provided high quality QA/QC procedures on behalf of the Client.

Independent Design Reviews

As part of its innovative project management practices, Unisearch performed weekly reviews on the design models/updates provided by the consultants, carried out cost and energy analysis, provided feedback and managed the necessary modifications to be incorporated in the next week’s design upload. These independent reviews assisted in keeping the project on track with the required quality and highest Client’s satisfaction.

Stakeholders Collaboration

Through a consistent and well planned project management process, Unisearch enabled smooth collaboration of all stakeholders, including the architects, MEP engineers and the Client through an advanced Web-based collaborative environment. This helped the project to reduce the time lag in Client & consultants communication.

Early Engagement of Contractors

Unisearch has followed an innovative management approach to engage a contractor at the design stage to help produce highly constructible design. This highly managed coordinated process resulted in highly valuable cost management & value engineering strategies being proposed & accepted by the Consultants and the Client.

Conflict Resolution Strategy

Using the integrated BIM, Unisearch has deployed an independent and innovative conflict resolution strategy, on behalf of the Client, to coordinate the different building disciplines (Architecture, Structure and MEP), at both the design & construction stages of the project, thus enforcing strict QA/QC procedures to ensure the development of fully coordinated drawings.

Code Compliance Strategies

As a part of the BIM implementation process, specific attention was paid to the code compliance QA/QC procedures on Unisearch‘s part to check the project design. Headroom clearance, discrepancies, code checks, etc., combined with the multidiscipline clash checks enabled Unisearch to provide better design management services to the client.

Minimum Tender Inquiries

As a result of the production of highly quality tender documents (mostly generated from the coordinated, consistent and constructible BIM), there was a drastic drop in the number and type of tender inquiries brought forward by the contracting tenderers.