Unisearch is placed in a very strong position to provide construction organisations, particularly clients, with total solutions covering capability assessment, process maps, standards, legal frameworks, BIM Execution Plans, IT infrastructure, training & capacity building, etc. Unisearch enables clients to develop a strong leadership to reap maximums benefits from BIM implementation in line with their strategic objectives.

Our total solution aims to empower organisation to effectively implement BIM at both organisational and project levels:

Organisational Level

Introduce a Continuous Improvement Approach to:

  1. Assess the current BIM capability (people, process and technology)
  2. Set improvement targets based on current competency
  3. Provide process roadmap to improve & measure performance
  4. Build internal capacity and competency

Project Level

  1. Manage and coordinate BIM life cycle process from Employer Information Requirement (EIR) to operation of an asset.
  2. Manage the collaboration to meet projects objectives
  3. Train project partners to share common objectives

Training & Capacity Building

  1. BIM Manager Certificate
  2. Executive awareness workshops
  3. In-house tailored training