Project Description

Project Details

The project is a mixed-use development; residential with commercial space on both the ground and podium floors. The project includes three basements for parking spaces. There are four podium floors which house additional parking as well as mechanical floor. The fourth podium has a gymnasium, pool and children’s play area exclusively for residents.

There are two towers with 21 floors (each) above the podiums offering 1BR, 2BR & 3BR apartments with views of the city of Abu Dhabi.

  • Residential + Commercial
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • 89,500 sqm
  • Under Construction
  • BIM Consultancy & Management / Project Management on behalf of the Client
In Design Savings
Difference Between Low/High Bidders

Project Highlights

Comprehensive BIM Strategies

Unisearch has created, at the early stage, a BIM-enabled strategy to effectively manage and control the delivery of the project. Complete BIM solutions have been provided by Unisearch from the onset of the project to enable all project stakeholders to understand and implement BIM processes, standards, IT infrastructure, legal frameworks, roles and responsibilities, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), BIM Deliverables, QA/QC, etc.

Comprehensive Design Management

Unisearch has implemented an advanced Web-based collaborative environment (ProjectWise), following BS1192 standards, for information and document exchange. This enabled the utilization of BIM from concept to detailed design and led the project consultants to furnish a completely optimized, coordinated and consistent design for the tender stage.

Stakeholders Collaboration

Through a consistent and well planned project management process, Unisearch enabled all project stakeholders collaborating on a single BIM platform & providing ready-to implement solutions which has led the project to save valuable time on the generation of shop drawings, approvals, data sheets, communication, etc.

Early Engagement of Clients

By utilizing the power of the 3D visualization of the building elements & finished products, Unisearch has effectively engaged the Client, throughout the project, in taking early decisions and hence minimizing design changes at the construction stage.

Conflict Resolution Strategy

Using the integrated BIM, Unisearch has deployed an independent and innovative conflict resolution strategy, on behalf of the Client, to coordinate the different building disciplines (Architecture, Structure and MEP), at both the design & construction stages of the project, thus enforcing strict QA/QC procedures to ensure the development of fully coordinated drawings.

Code Compliance Strategies

As a part of the BIM implementation process, specific attention was paid to the code compliance QA/QC procedures on Unisearch‘s part to check the project design. Headroom clearance, discrepancies, code checks, etc., combined with the multidiscipline clash checks enabled Unisearch to provide better design management services to the client.

Minimum Tender Inquiries

As a result of the production of highly quality tender documents (mostly generated from the coordinated, consistent and constructible BIM), there was a drastic drop in the number and type of tender inquiries brought forward by the contracting tenderers.

BIM Usage at Construction

Unisearch has effectively implemented innovative project management practices which have significantly improved the generation, evaluation and approval of shop drawing production, 4D Simulation, FM integration & use of iPads on site. These are a few examples of how BIM was effectively implemented to manage the project.