Proposed New It/Is Capability Evaluation (Nice) Framework For Performance Measurement For It/Is Implementation In Organisation

By Hafez Salleh and Prof Mustafa Alshawi (2005) Most of the traditional IT/IS performance measures are focused on method of investment appraisal. There is a need to produce an alternative holistic measurement model that enables soft and hard issues to be measured qualitatively. A New IT/IS Capability Evaluation (NICE) framework has been designed to measure [...]


Identifying Cost Savings for the UK Building Industry through Cloud Computing and BIM Software

By Alan Redmond, Prof Alan Hore and Prof Mustafa Alshawi (2011) In the UK construction industry the majority of waste is generated throughout the lifecycle of a building mainly due to limited accessibility of existing information. The use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) has proven instrumental in creating productivity gains within global markets, for example, [...]


Exploring How Information Exchanges Can Be Enhanced Through Cloud BIM

By Alan Redmond, Prof Alan Hore and Prof Mustafa Alshawi (2012) The properties of BIM are parametric modelling providing tabular views of components and characteristic interaction with elements. However, the dilemma is how to share these properties of BIM applications on one single platform. The prospect of using remote data servers with web service applications [...]


Requirements for Model Server Enabled Collaborating on Building Information Models

By Muhammad Tariq Shafiq, Jane Matthews, Prof. Steve Lockley (2012) The application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) has demonstrated enormous potential to deliver consistency in the construction collaboration process. This paper presents a review of existing collaboration platforms, with a particular focus to evaluate the research and development efforts on model servers as a collaboration [...]


Facing The Challenge: Effective Bim Deployment To Improve The Performance Of Industry

By Dr Mubarak Alhbabi and Professor Mustafa Alshawi (2013) The recent widespread deployment and use of Building Information Models (BIM) has been identified as a key activity for advancing construction efficiency and improving quality, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of construction projects. However, BIM research and deployment is still focusing on the technology aspect including the [...]


A study of BIM collaboration requirements and available features in existing model collaboration system

By Muhammad Tariq Shafiq, Jane Matthews, Prof. Steve Lockley (2013) The construction industry is responding to this situation by adopting emerging model collaboration systems (MCS), such as model servers, with the ability to exploit and reuse information directly from the models to extend the current intra-disciplinary collaboration towards integrated multi-disciplinary collaboration on models. The functions [...]


Let’s share local BIM experience

By Dr Muhammad Tariq Shafiq (2015) The construction professionals unanimously agree that under traditional contracts, problems are discovered and solved during construction which lead to demolition, reworks, design changes, etc., which is extremely costly and time consuming. On the other hand, if problem are discovered, discussed and solved at the design stage, the cost of [...]


Capacity building for BIM

By Dr Muhammad Tariq Shafiq (2014) The focus of training and education in BIM still relies on basic technology (software) trainings, and their functionalities, which only represents the technological aspects of BIM and do not contribute in developing the knowledge and skills required to push the BIM adoption into wider practices. A critical factor is [...]