Project Description

By Dr Mubarak Alhbabi and Professor Mustafa Alshawi (2013)
The recent widespread deployment and use of Building Information Models (BIM) has been identified as a key activity for advancing construction efficiency and improving quality, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of construction projects. However, BIM research and deployment is still focusing on the technology aspect including the interoperability of BIM technologies and its deployment to individual stages of the project life cycle. This leaves the interest of Clients organisations ineffectively addressed. In fact, unguided deployment of BIM at different stages of the project may lead to isolated models which make the exchange of project information among them extremely difficult. This paper aims to identify gaps in BIM deployment, from Clients organisations’ perspective, and outlines an approach that will help Clients originations to maximise the benefit out of BIM’s deployment Quantity Surveying International Convention (QSIC2012), Kuala Lumpur, September 2012