To act on behalf of clients to enforce a strong client leadership to manage and control the implementation of BIM, at project level, from concept design to FM. By focusing on the product, i.e. the BIM models, and the process, i.e. “how”, “for whom” and “what for” the models are developed, Unisearch service extends to:

Pre-design Stage

  • Preparing Employer Information Requirements (EIR)
  • Producing guidelines for BIM Execution Plans
  • Identifying level of stakeholders collaboration to meet the project objectives
  • Developing legal frameworks
  • Designing IT infrastructure
  • Producing BIM-based pre-qualification plans
  • Providing full training and capacity building

Design Stage

  • Coordinating and managing BIM development to meet client requirements
  • Managing clash detection process and other BIM-based applications
  • Implementing standards and QA/QC on behalf of clients
  • Implementing BS 1192: PAS 2, 3 and 4
  • Managing and controlling information exchange

Construction Stage

  • Managing collaboration process between stakeholders
  • Managing and controlling the generation of shop drawings from BIM
  • Evaluating constructability through the simulation of construction (4D)
  • Managing and controlling operation & maintenance documents throughout the construction phase
  • Updating BIM leading to as-built model

Handover Stage

  • Managing and controlling the development of as-built BIM ready for FM
  • Validating as-built BIM